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    CTLPD Enquiries

    by Fortune Marumo -

    Dear Academic Staff and Students

    Please send all CTLPD enquiries to for assistance, training, and support with the following:

    ·    Moodle (learning management system, LMS)

    ·    MS Teams (communications platform)

    ·    Turnitin (plagiarism detection service)

    ·    Panopto (online screen recorder)

    ·    Intelliboard (reporting and analytics for LMS)

    ·    Inspera (online assessment platform)

    When writing to, please include the name of your School (SoNAS, SoE, SoEMS, or SoHum) in the email subject line.

    For example: SoNAS – unable to see my module on Moodle


    by Fortune Marumo -

    Dear student,

    You are invited to attend the Tutorship Bootcamp presented from 12 to 16 September 2022.

    The attached poster lists the modules that are formally scheduled for the week. However, please contact your school academic advisor if you require tutorship support in a module not listed.

    Kind regards, 

    Student Academic Support. 

    Attachment Academic Bootcamp.jpg
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